The Room is a biomimicry centered space and its goals are to spread knowledge about nature and the environment through business strategies. To do so, The Room is divided in two areas. The Mushroom is a consultancy and co-working space in which companies and professionals are able to come together to solve market challenges by imitating natural strategies. The other area of the business is The Playroom, an exhibition space dedicated to showcasing projects related to biomimicry from all around the world as well as projects developed by The Mushroom. Both areas work alongside one another and provide different experiences to our diverse customer segments.
In collaboration with Miki Ambrossi, Alejandra Diaz zulueta, Yoko Hwang & Bianca Bracceti
We conducted an Environment Analysis to better understand the Industry, the Market and the possible Opportunities and Challenges that we might face in the current context.
In order to understand the fields of biomimicry, consulting and exhibition, we first interviewed experts in their fields. Some of the insights we obtained were that even though we are seeing a development in new technologies, there is still a differential gap between consumers and technologies that creates a fear of utilization. This is why we believe that including users within the creation processes and creating AR / VR exhibits that are well implemented will help the user overcome this fear. Unfortunately another problem that we have encountered is the saturation of use of technologies, which means that in order to bring customers to see exhibits these have to be multi-sensorial, and not just limited to AR/VR. 
In the same way we have seen the trending popularity of biomimicry and how it can reshape businesses. Because the use of biomimicry within business models is quite niche, this supposed a big competitive advantage from a business standpoint. Biomimicry or bio-art centered museums are pretty much non-existent and would therefore be of big interest to the general public.
After getting a well rounded view at the market, we created User Personas and User Journeys to understand the potential customers.
Service Offering Map & Business Blueprint
Business Model Canvas
Key Performance Indicators

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