CASA CALLEĀ  is a communal housing concept with the purpose of sheltering vulnerable urban nomads while bringing them together. Madrid has a homeless shelter problem, with an estimated homeless population of 2.500 people, but only 1.000 public shelter beds provided each night. Madrid is also famous for using what is known as Hostile or Anti-homeless architecture. Casa Calle is aimed at creating a sense of collaboration and community to change the public's perception of homeless housing. The way it works is that the Community of Madrid provides DIY kits that come down to 0.85 Euros per kit, and using street cardboard, the urban nomads are able to build these housing domes inspired by Bee Homes and Buckmister Fuller's architectural ideals. There is also a website where people can request kits and find communities to join around the city.
In collaboration with Nicole Beltran & Anurag Phalke
Research, Material Exploration & Context
Concept Development & Prototyping
Urban Nomad's Housing Solution
Packaging: Portable DIY Kit
Implementation & Distribution

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