In collaboration with Miki Ambrossi & Claudia Taveras
We focused on clothing items and divided them using two parameters: Grandma-made and Industrially-made. We discovered a number of controversies within the fashion industry, and we decided to focus on the controversies around the sourcing of materials for clothing, and the disposal of those materials.
We will be designing a sustainable fashion loop focused on the sourcing and disposal of materials.
2. Material Research
3. Cooling and warming sensitivity: The relationship between materials and the body
4. Fabrication Techniques: Material construction & Fabrication Exploration
Hand scaled-up weaving
Hand scaled-up weaving
3-D printing (discarded)
3-D printing (discarded)
Laser cutting
Laser cutting
5. 1st prototype (discarded)
6. Our mood & our Body: How materials affect our mood
7. Modularity of material: Mood + Patches
Moody: A new relationship with clothing
MOODY is born out of the reality that the current fashion industry is controversial from production to disposal.
We believe in a circular loop where no clothing piece is wasted and in which consumers know their piece's origins and are able to actively participate in the design process. Sustainability starts with traceability of materials, and our goal is atransparent and personal fashion future.

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